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Servicing all industries within South Africa, Valvetech’s proprietary brand is the symbol of quality, and is synonymous with a constant and available supply of high stock volumes.

With an emerging market focused on value for money without compromising on quality, Valvtech is able to meet the long-term and immediate demands of every industry that requires industrial valves of every size.

Know the Industry, Know the Valve

Sound knowledge and understanding of the capability and capacity of a product plays a significant role in the decision-making process of implementing the right solution. Knowing the industry is a critical factor in this decision; the right capital investment and implementation strategy leads to successful project completion and exceeded expectations. 

Turnover: R70b

GDP %: 1.5%

Employ: 70,000

Sources: Coal, Nuclear, Solar, Wind, Hydro

Turnover: R50b

GDP %: 7.5%

Employ: 460,000

Minerals: PGM, Chrome, Manganese, Goal, Coal

Turnover: R50b

GDP %: 5%

Employ: 150,000

Chemicals: Synthetics, Plastics, Fertilizers

Turnover: R7b

GDP %: 0.5%

Employ: 22,000

Projects: Lesotho Highlands II, Lebalelo, Umzimvubu

Turnover: R170b

GDP %: 3.2%

Employ: 250,000

Products: Diesel, Petrol, Kerosene, LPG

Turnover: R215b

GDP %: 1.5%

Employ: 105,000

Products: Carbon Dioxide, Methane, Nitrogen, Oxygen