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Butterfly Valves

Ductile Iron Butterfly Valve Gearbox

Butterfly Valve Detail

A thinner design makes the Butterfly Valve versatile and well suited for the industrial management of high volumes low-pressure flow of liquids and gasses. Butterfly Valves are excellent for large-flow and pressure applications as well.

Liners are available in EPDM (Standard), Nitrile, and Teflon, and come with two separate Disc options:

  • Stainless Steel CF8M for use with abrasive and corrosive media such as acids, alkalis, chemicals, and diesel. Must be used with a suitable NBR or Teflon Liner
  • NPDI for use with idle or non-abrasive or corrosion-resistant media such as water, oil and gas. Can be used with a suitable EPDM Liner


Ductile Iron Butterfly Valve
Trigger Lever VT-N

Weight: 3kg – 27kg

Sizes: DN 50 – 300

Class: 150

Pressure: PN16

Temperatures: -10°C to 120°C

Ductile Iron Butterfly Valve
Gearbox VT-N

Weight: 5.3kg – 316kg

Sizes: DN 50 – 700

Class: 150

Pressure: PN16

Temperatures: -10°C to 120°C

Cast Iron Butterfly Valve
Trigger Lever VT

Weight: 3kg – 34kg

Sizes: DN 50 – 300

Class: 125

Pressure: PN14

Temperatures: -10°C to 120°C

Cast Iron Butterfly Valve
Handwheel VT

Weight: 9kg – 205kg

Sizes: DN 50 – 700

Class: 125

Pressure: PN14

Temperatures: -10°C to 120°C

Butterfly Valve Price and Stock Availability

Please click here to review Valvetech T&C’s. Price and Stock are subject to change. All prices Exclude Drilling and are Exclusive of VAT. Last Updated: 10/07/2024


The Wafer Style Butterfly Valve has lugs to secure and align the valve with two mating flanges. From DN50 to DN300, a 90° rotation of the handle opens or closes the valve. For sizes larger than DN300, a gearbox and handwheel enables full and partial opening and closing operations.

The disk is approximately the same size as the adjoining pipe and rotates on a vertical axis. Because the seat is softer, the disc gets pressed firmly against it creating a tight seal when closed.


  • Low maintenance costs as there are minimal moving parts
  • No spaces where pockets of gas and media can accumulate
  • Low pressure drop when fully opened, but can also be used in high flow rate applications
  • Easy installation and less maintenance as the valve is thin
  • Economical savings due to its reduced weight and space requirements


  • Not advisable for high-pressure drop / differential applications; consider a Globe Valve
  • High-pressure applications may require multiple Butterfly Valves or additional support structures to maintain valve integrity; consider a Gate Valve
  • High flow rates can result in cavitation and erosion; consider a Globe Valve
  • The high flow-velocity can cause solid particles to impact the valve disc, leading to erosion and wear, making it not suitable for slurries; consider a Gate valve
  • The formation and collapse of vapor bubbles (cavitation) could lead to damage of the valve over time, consider a Gate Valve

Common Industry Uses:

  • Used to start, stop, and regulate flow
  • Agricultural purposes used by compressed air, gas, and oil
  • Controlling the flow, pressure, and distribution of water treatment services
  • Heating and Conditioning (HVAC) for regulating the flow and cooling of air, water, and gasses
  • Transporting chemicals, where the Butterfly Valve’s compact design and low weight make it ideal for chemical processing

Torque Figures

Wet Dry Wet Dry Wet Dry
DN50 2" 13 20.8 13.9 22.1 15.1 24.2
DN65 2.5" 13.8 26.1 15.4 29.2 17.2 32.7
DN80 3" 21 39.9 21.7 41.1 23.1 43.7
DN100 4" 34.9 63.8 37.1 67.8 39.8 72.8
DN125 5" 53.8 93.8 57.9 101 61.9 108
DN150 6" 84.5 149 93.9 165 102 174
DN200 8" 154 264 173 297 192 330
DN250 10" 249 423 286 486 323 549
DN300 12" 371 605 429 699 490 799
DN350 14" 466 699 550 825 625 969
DN400 16" 632 947 755 1133 846 1307
DN450 18" 831 1246 1012 1518 1131 1787
DN500 20" 1093 1639 1350 2025 1431 2288
DN600 24" 1679 2519 2111 3166 2301 3711
DN700 28" 3008 4515 3269 4908 5670 6380

Butterfly Valve Torque is measured in Newton-Meters and is provided for both Wet and Dry media. It is the Turning Force needed to rotate the valve disc and is dependent on the Gear Ratio (number of turns to open or close the valve).

Butterfly Valve Specifications


Petrochemicals and Petroleum, Refineries, Primary Energy, Agriculture, Water Works, HVAC


Water, Oil, Gas, Steam

Priority Media

Acetone, Acetylene, Ammonium Bicarbonate, Dry Cement, Diesel Oil Fuels, Ethane, Dry Flour, Heptane, Nitrogen Gas, Dry Plastics, Dry Sugars, Dry Sulphur Dioxide

For full Butterfly list, see Media Compatibility Table

Also Known As

Duplex Valve

Lug Valve

Uni-Flow Valve

Quarter Turn Valve