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Ductile Iron Strainer

Strainer Details

Y-Type Strainers provide a simple and efficient way of filtering and removing solids and other contaminants from liquid, gas, or steam lines. This is done using a 304 Stainless Steel screen as a straining element to capture debris. Installed at the beginning of a pipeline, the Strainer facilitate a coarse filtration process which protects the pipes, as well as valves, gearboxes and disc’s, from harsh impacts of solid objects. It also traps potential obstructions that could prevent valves from fully opening or closing.


Ductile Iron Y-Type Strainer

Weight: 9kg – 260kg

Sizes: DN 50 – 350

Class: 150

Pressure: PN16

Temperatures: -10°C to 400°C

Cast Iron Y-Type Strainer

Weight: 13kg – 421kg

Sizes: DN 50 – 350

Class: 125

Pressure: PN14

Temperatures: -10°C to 230°C

Strainer Price and Stock Availability

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To clear the strainer, only the stainless-steel plug needs to be unscrewed, making maintenance easier and resulting in reduced downtime. The advantage of using the plug is that the system can remain partially operational during its maintenance. Should the screen become clogged, then the iron cover can be removed, and the mesh can be extracted, cleaned, and placed back in the strainer. If the mesh does need to be completely removed, then the pipeline will need to be shut down.

Versatility is the big appeal to the VT275N as it can be installed in vertical, horizontal, or angular pipelines due in part to the absence of moving parts. This flexibility enables engineers to adapt the strainer to the available space and flow conditions without compromising performance.

Typical applications of Y-Type Strainers include:

  • Liquid Filtration to remove solid particles, debris, and contaminants
  • Gas Filtration to capture solid particles, rust, scale, and other impurities in the gas flow
  • Plumbing Systems to prevent clogs, blockages, and damage to fixtures and appliances
  • Industrial Processing Equipment to protect from solid contaminants
  • Cooling Systems to remove debris, sediment, and particulates from circulating water


  • Efficient particle removal due to the Y-shaped configuration, which has excellent flushing capabilities due to the blow-down port
  • Low pressure drop if the straining element is strategically positioned to allow for smooth fluid flow, while efficiently capturing debris
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning because of the threaded or bolted cover, which allows for quick access to the straining element and reduces downtime
  • Versatile installation options (vertical, horizontal, angular) enabling installations in various orientations and positions
  • Larger open ratios than a T-Type Strainer and a broader range of pressure classes


  • Significant Pressure Drop if incorrectly positioned – the media flow will encounter resistance due to the screen or mesh that removes the particles; consider strategic alignment or additional pumping power to maintain the desired flow rate
  • Limited capacity resulting in higher maintenance intervals as the strainers have a relatively small holding space for solid particles; consider accessibility and scheduled maintenance programmes
  • Potential for bypass as some solid particles can pass through the screen if they are smaller than the mesh, or if the flow rate is too high; consider additional filtration further down the pipeline
  • Limited fine filtration capabilities in the removal of microscopic contaminants; consider cartridge or bag filters

Common Industry Uses:

  • Power Generation, protecting turbines, boilers, and condensers from foreign objects present in the circulating water or fuel systems
  • Water Treatment, removing suspended solids, sediment, algae, and other particulates from the water supply before it enters the treatment process or distribution system
  • Food and Beverage, removing solid impurities, sediment, and particulates from various liquid ingredients, such as juices, syrups, oils, and sauces, to maintain product quality and safety
  • Pulp and Paper, protecting pumps, valves, and other equipment from fibres, debris, and contaminants present in the process water and chemical solutions

Strainer Specifications


Water, Oil, Gas, Steam


Chemical Processing, Food and Beverage, HVAC, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology, Power Generation, Pulp and Paper, Water Treatment

Priority Media

Asphalt Emulsion, Benzine, Cane Sugar, Carbonate, Castor Oil, Detergents, Diethylene Glycol, Ethane, Fish Oil, Glucose, Lacquers, Mineral Oils, Nitrogen, Olive Oil, Propane Gas, Resin, Xylene

For full Strainer list, see Media Compatibility Table

Also Known As

Angle Type Strainer


Y-Pattern Valve Strainer