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Ball Valves

Reduced Ball Valve Model 102

Ball Valve Detail

The Ball Valve provides an on/off function in its simplest form. Made from high-quality brass (Hpb57-3), they offer excellent corrosion resistance and mechanical strength and are a valuable option to a range of applications including isolation of industrial and domestic processes, heating, hot water, cold water, oil, fuel, gas and air.


Brass Ball Reduced Bore Valve Nickel Plated 102N

Weight: 120g – 4.5kg

Sizes: DN 8 – 100

Threading: BSP Screwed

Pressure: PN20

Temperatures: -2°C to 120°C

Brass Ball Reduced Bore Valve Nickel Plated 102

Weight: 117g – 6.25kg

Sizes: DN 8 – 100

Threading: BSP Screwed

Pressure: PN20

Temperatures: -2°C to 120°C

Brass Ball Full Bore Valve Nickel Plated 105N

Weight: 110g – 6.1kg

Sizes: DN 8 – 100

Threading: BSP Screwed

Pressure: PN40

Temperatures: -2°C to 120°C

Brass Ball Full Bore Valve Nickel Plated 105

Weight: 183g – 8.5kg

Sizes: DN 8 – 100

Threading: BSP Screwed

Pressure: PN40

Temperatures: -2°C to 120°C

Ball Valve Price and Stock Availability

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The epoxy-coated handle is easily operated via a 1/4 turn of the lever handle, which also indicates whether the valve is open or closed. The ball valve screwed BSP connection accepts media up and down the line, and because the bored rotary ball controls the flow of the media, there is minimal pressure loss, less turbulence, and unobstructed bi-directional flow.

The Ball Valves highly effective wear and temperature resistant seal with a chrome plated ball, and PTFE seating, ensures long lasting durability and reduces maintenance costs while extending the lifetime of the system. Its simple design and fewer moving parts reduces malfunctions, resulting in increased operational efficiency and less downtime.


  • Bi-directional flow allows for fluid in either direction, without causing damage or significant pressure drop
  • Quick shut-off for critical situations that require immediate flow control or emergency shut-of
  • Low friction allows for unobstructed flow, reducing energy consumption and preserving system efficiency
  • Durable due to the design and materials and the ability to withstand high pressures and temperatures
  • Versatile range of applications that satisfy the needs of domestic, commercial, and industrial specifications


  • Limited throttling capabilities as the ball valve is used primarily as in on/off functions; consider a Globe Valve if throttling is a requirement
  • High torque requirements when it comes to large ball valves; consider a Butterfly Valve if torque is a concern
  • Aggressive environments such as slurries can cause damage; consider a Gate Valve is this is a concern
  • Low-pressure leakage may result in incomplete seals; consider a Butterfly Valve if low pressure is a concern
  • Prone to freezing if the ambient temperature is too low; consider a Gate Valve if this is a concern

Common Industry Uses:

  • Oil and Gas Industries for vital shut-off applications and control of fluid flow in pipelines
  • Water treatment for regulating and controlling the flow of wastewater, effluent, and desalination
  • Chemical Processing to control the flow of various corrosive chemicals and fluids
  • HVAC systems for precise control and regulating the flow of water or refrigerants in heating and cooling applications
  • Power Generation, including thermal and nuclear power plants, for controlling the flow of steam, water, and other fluids in critical processes

Ball Valve Specifications


Petrochemicals and Petroleum, Refineries, Primary Energy, Agriculture, Water Works, HVAC


Water, Oil, Gas, Steam

Priority Media

Air, Butylene, Caster and Linseed Oil, Diesel Oil, Gasoline, Hydro and Natural Gas, Methane, Nitrogen, Oxygen

For full Ball list, see Media Compatibility Table

Also Known As

Isolation Valve

Shut-Off Valve

Spherical Valve

Quarter-Turn Valve