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Gearbox Spares for Butterfly Valves

Butterfly Valve Gearbox Spares for Butterfly Valves


Butterfly valve gearboxes operate and control the opening and closing of butterfly valves. With interchangeable EPDM and Nitrile liners, Valvetech is able to offer its customers the right gearbox spares for Butterfly Valves, their configuration, and setup to suit every industry need.

Valvetech’s gearbox spares for Butterfly Valves are designed to efficiently transmit torque and motion from the actuator or handwheel to the valve disc, allowing for precise regulation of fluid flow.

The distinctive design of butterfly valves, with a flat, circular disc positioned within the pipe, offers low-pressure drop and quick on-off capabilities. The gearbox enhances this functionality by providing the necessary mechanical advantage to smoothly rotate and position the disc. They offer reliability, compactness, and ease of maintenance, making them suitable for applications ranging from water treatment plants to HVAC systems, and even in the oil and gas industry.

The selection of the appropriate gearbox depends on factors such as the valve size, operating conditions, and required control precision, ensuring seamless and efficient fluid flow management across diverse sectors.


DN50-400 Butterfly Valve Gearbox Diagram
Gearbox spares for butterfly valves DN400-DN700


DN50 - DN400

2" - 6"5012598622914219545140
8" - 10"200165170783719628064270
12" - 14"300185173783918031578270

DN400 - DN1200

16400112162105235263105150240200159ø33.54 x M18 ; 90°10
18450112162105235263105150240200159ø38.44 x M18 ; 90°10
20500112162105235263105150240200159ø41.54 x M18 ; 90°10
24600152211135295380127175315285216ø50.84 x M20 ; 90°16
28700164229148330380135213350300254ø63.58 x M16 ; 90°2 x 18
32800164229148330380135213350300254ø63.58 x M16 ; 90°2 x 18
36900180245175335380162220360300254ø75.38 x M16 ; 22.5°2 x 20
401,000180245175335380162220360300254ø85.38 x M16 ; 22.5°2 x 22
481,200252310185465425200280425350298ø105.38 x M20 ; 22.5°2 x 28



Water, Oil, Gas, Steam


Chemical Industries, Food Industries, Gasses and Oils, Heating and Conditioning (HVAC), Medical Industries, Power Plants, Utility Lines, Water Treatment and Distribution

Priority Media

Acetylene, Ammonium Bicarbonate, Cement (dry), Diesel, Epsom Salts, Ethylene Glycol, Fertilizer Solutions, Flour (dry), Gasoline, Grease, Hydrogen Gas, Lard, Linseed Oil, Mercury, Nitrogen, Oil, Oxygen, Plastics (dry), Steam, Sulphur Dioxide (dry), Sugars (dry), Waxes

For full Valve Media list, see Media Compatibility Table


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