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Valvetech Newsletter: A Revitalised Focus – September 2021

Good morning, and welcome to the first edition of our quarterly newsletter aimed at you, our loyal and respected customer.

The purpose of this (and future newsletters) will be to ensure that our channels of communication continuously remain open, that we work together to guarantee the best in service delivery and product management, and to provide market insights and testimonials of the incredible success stories that our family of customers have been able to achieve. Above all, we strive to develop and nurture a strong relationship between ourselves as your supplier, and you as our valued resellers and customers.

It has certainly been a challenging 18 months, and I’m sure that as you have been through them, like us, the changes that have happened in the industry have given us a moment to pause and try to find some resemblance of stability. But find them we shall, and persevere we will, and we are excited to embark on a new trajectory with you, in building stronger relationships and managing our customer-focused commitments, backed by a proven track record, a sterling reputation, and a brand that is synonymous with quality.

Welcome to Valvetech Revitalised Focus, and we look forward to engaging with you in the near future.

About Justin Weldon

Project Director and Business Development Manager

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I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and hope, with your involvement, that our digital interaction will result in one-on-one meetings either via your preferred online channel, or face-to-face (COVID regulations permitting).

I come from an environment focused on Project Administration and Value Management and have extensive experience in the requirements necessary to prove the efficacy of a Programme, the measures needed to gauge success, the ability to identify challenges, and the steps needed to turn those tasks around. It is my belief that it is not about placing a person under the spotlight in order to make them work, but to aid them in understanding where in their processes there is a need for improvement, and how to make those improvements become business as usual.

With this in mind, I would welcome the opportunity to have a conversation with you to discuss, amongst other things, the following:

About You:

  • What pressures is your industry currently experiencing?
  • Who are your markets and how can we assist you in serving them?
  • Where do you feel Valvetech could offer further value, through you, to them?

About Valvetech:

  • What pressures is your industry
  • How are things between You and Valvetech?
  • What can we do to improve or change that perspective?

About You:

  • What pressures is your industry
  • What your engagement history has been with us (we’ll supply some insight)
  • Provide some information into the import / export market of certain tariff codes
  • Discuss what’s on Valvetech’s horizon – what, why, and when


Please reach out to me via any of the following channels below: Calendar, Email, Mobile or LinkedIn (simply click on your preference), so that we can schedule an appointment and start our conversation in understanding each other’s industries more clearly. I know it’ll be a great start, and I look forward to making your acquaintance.


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